Dundas International Buskerfest

June 2, 3, 4, 2017

Friday 6pm-10pm, Saturday 11:30am-10pm, Sunday 11:30am-6pm


Experience organized pandemonium, uncontrollable laughter and non-stop family fun!


Welcome back to the 2016 Dundas International Buskerfest!

Check back often for updates on performers and vendors coming to the 2016 festival.

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Performance Schedule

Friday June 3rd ~ 6pm to 10pm

Road closes at 6pm for BIA Merchant Sidewalk Sale and Festival Food

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Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
6:30 Snap Boogie Red Trouser Show Guitar Virtuoso
7:00 Adorkable Derek Billy Kidd
7:30 Throw2Catch Bang Bang Boys Nigel Blackstorm
8:00 Duo Hoops Miss Tallullah
8:30 Red Trouser Show Biggest Little Circus Snap Boogie
9:00 Space Commander Adorkable Derek
9:30 Throw2Catch Nigel Blackstorm Guitar Virtuoso


Saturday June 4th ~ 11:30am to 10pm

Sidewalk Sale, Arts & Crafts, Exhibitors and street entertainment all day

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Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
12:00 Duo Hoops Space Commander Guitar Virtuoso
12:30 Red Trouser Show Adorkable Derek
1:00 Miss Tallullah Bang Bang Boys Throw2Catch
1:30 Snap Boogie Biggest Little Circus
2:00 Space Commander Billy Kidd Duo Hoops
2:30 Adorkable Derek Nigel Blackstorm
3:00 Red Trouser Show Snap Boogie Bang Bang Boys
3:30 Miss Tallullah Biggest Little Circus
4:00 Duo Hoops Throw2Catch Space Commander
4:30 Billy Kidd Red Trouser Show
5:00 Snap Boogie Adorkable Derek Miss Tallullah
5:30 Bang Bang Boys Biggest Little Circus
6:00 Nigel Blackstorm Duo Hoops Space Commander
6:30 Miss Tallullah Billy Kidd
7:00 Bang Bang Boys Red Trouser Show Adorkable Derek
7:30 Throw2Catch Biggest Little Circus
8:00 Billy Kidd Nigel Blackstorm Snap Boogie
8:30 Lacey Lucidity Guitar Virtuoso


Sunday June 5th ~ 11:30am to 6pm

Sidewalk Sale, Arts & Crafts, Exhibitors and street entertainment all day

Swipe table to scroll left-to-right
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
12:00 Adorkable Derek Miss Tallullah The Groove Machine
12:30 Nigel Blackstorm Red Trouser Show
1:00 Bang Bang Boys Throw2Catch Duo Hoops
1:30 Miss Tallullah Snap Boogie
2:00 Biggest Little Circus Adorkable Derek Billy Kidd
2:30 Red Trouser Show Nigel Blackstorm
3:00 Throw2Catch Duo Hoops Bang Bang Boys
3:30 Billy Kidd Space Commander
4:00 Biggest Little Circus Snap Boogie Guitar Virtuoso

Festival Map 2016


Download Event Map here.


Main Stage Performers

Local Performers

How Much Should I Give?

After each show, the performers will “pass the hat” for your tips and donations. This is the only way our buskers make their living. The festival provides a travel stipend and accommodations, but a busker’s paycheck is literally in your hands.

If you enjoyed the show enough to stay to the end, please contribute an amount you can afford that expresses your thanks to the busker for a job well-done!

It’s truly up to you how much to give. If their show was pretty good and you appreciated the effort, $2-5. If you loved their show and had a great time, give more. You won’t be the only person dropping in a $10 or a $20! If you truly can’t afford a tip, shake the performer’s hand and let them know you enjoyed the show. If you can afford more, put in a little extra to cover someone else who can’t afford to give.

Street performance is a group effort! The artists train their whole lives to present a skillful, funny show for your family to enjoy–your part is to show up and show your appreciation by enjoying the show, and giving what you can to keep street theatre alive!


sponsor_dundas-biaPresented by the Dundas, Ontario, BIA.

The Downtown Dundas Business Improvement Area (BIA) is made up of a group of over one hundred businesses…located between Cross Streets and John Streets in Downtown Dundas. For over 30 years they have dedicated their efforts to planning free family events throughout the course of the year as well as projects to beautify our downtown with hanging flower baskets and planters in the warm weather and Christmas decorations during the holiday season…. all paid for by those members. Hundreds of volunteer hours are given to plan and execute programs resulting in the vibrant downtown we all enjoy!

For more information and a business directory of BIA members, please go to www.downtowndundas.ca
The Dundas BIA would like to thank the many sponsors and all of our very special volunteers who make Buskerfest possible!!!



Performers  |  Exhibitors  |  Food Vendors  |  Volunteers


We are fully booked for our 2017 main pitch artists

Thank you if you have applied to perform at the 2017 Dundas Buskerfest! Please note, we book the main stage acts each year in January. At that time we will contact you one way or the other. It is not necessary to contact us again to follow up.

We are looking for acts for our 2017 Local Pitch

Hamilton and surrounding area performers please send the following information for consideration for the 2017 Festival:

Your name, the name of your act, type of act [music, juggle, acrobats, magic etc], the number of performers in your act. Where your current home base is, we are looking for performers who live within 160 km. Links to your website and any promo videos. The local pitch is smaller than the main pitches and does not have power or a sound system. Any music acts must be acoustic only and by acoustic we mean no amps or mics….at alllll.

The Kids Are Alright on The Kids Try Anything Pitch

New for 2017: The Kids Try Anything pitch! If you are 18 and younger and would like to present music, dance, juggling, magic, or anything cool you think an audience would like to watch, please send us your name, age, and skill. If you have a Youtube video, send that too, but it’s OK if you don’t. We’ll schedule you for up to three 30-minute performances on the Kids Try Anything pitch.



2017 Dundas Buskerfest Exhibitor
Click here for the 2017 Exhibitor Application Dundas Buskerfest PDF

2017 Dundas Buskerfest Food Vendor
Click here for the 2017 Food Concession Application Buskerfest PDF

2017 Public Health Special Event Food Vendor Application [must be submitted with all Food Vendor Apps]
Click here for the Special Events Food Vendor Application [we know the form says 2016 a 2017 version is not yet available]


Click here for a PDF version the 2017 Volunteer form

Online form available by clicking HERE

Media Contacts

For festival interviews, festival information, sponsorships, media & marketing contact:

Phyllis Kraemer, Executive Director

For festival interviews, information, sponsorships, media, marketing, volunteer info contact:

Lisa Anderson, Associate Director

For performer information and interviews contact:

Allison Williams, Artistic Director


Download Media Contact Sheet MEDIA CONTACTS



Dundas International Buskerfest is a street festival in Dundas Ontario. King St is closed from Cross Street to John Street for the duration of the festival.

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